Fire Safety First Logo Design | 2022
Client: Fire Safety First located in Aberdeen, SD
Design Problem: Due to the lack of general knowledge about fire extinguisher inspection services, including a fire extinguisher icon in the logo was necessary.
Logo & Visual Identity System
Business Card Design
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Design Concepts
- The client provided input and feedback on the designs to ensure the design met their needs and intended audience. 
- A mature red was chosen to create association with fire and a sense of urgency. The typeface was chosen to visually balance out the solid icon, while being expressive.
- Multi-page website design for Fire Safety First was created using Wix as a template. 
- Images/video of fire extinguishers and business owners are my own. Client was involved in the layout and provided the necessary information for the website.
View the full website here: 
Screenshot of the redesigned Fire Safety First website. 
To view the full website, visit the active link above. 

Fire Safety First branding applied to the inspection tags that are attached to every fire extinguisher upon inspection.

Projected Fire Safety First logo onto two walls in the business location.

Process photo of hand painting logo after tracing the design onto the wall. 

Completed logo on the interior wall of the business location. Painting the logos on the inside of the business was to further emphasize brand recognition and overall consistency. 

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