Dacotah Prairie Museum Rebrand | 2022
Design Problem: Creating a branding system that has historic charm but is also modern and professional. This new branding system focused on creating a couple key elements that could be applied across multiple formats and still unify the museum, giving it a unique, marketable identity. 
"What's Your Prairie Way?" slogan and the essence of what it means to live on the prairie became the calling cards in the new branding. 
Logo & Branding System
Brand Styling Guide
Informational Pamphlet Using New Branding System
Promotional Billboard
Promotional Poster
Social Media Content

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Design Concepts
- "What's Your Prairie Way" slogan is drawn from the mission of the museum, in preserving and telling the history of the prairie. This slogan is a call to action for visitors to reflect and engage with the museum. It can also be applied in different forms, such as merchandize, but serves as a unifying element across the museum. 
- The new logo is compact. The primary typeface conveys a vintage, old western appearance, but maintains readability.
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